The StatiCable Grounding System


The most likely location of fire during harvest is at the head-end of your operation, the combine harvester.

When the air is dry and temperature is just right, static electricity can build to dangerous levels on your equipment. During operation, equipment surfaces can discharge to newly settled or passing by materials through arcing! This can lead to ignition and eventual fire.

With a proper path to ground, this risk can be significantly mitigated.


  • “Our farming operation is spread throughout Saskatchewan and into Montana. With thousands of acres and a great deal of manpower and equipment, a combine fire would be devastating. It is crucial to protect our investment and prevent downtime. The StatiCable makes sense; it is economical and is the only thing on the market to address proper grounding. We have been using the cables for several years and we are confident they work. Our entire fleet of combines is now equipped with the StatiCable”

    — Monette Farms Ltd. Swift Current, SK

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  • “In the past, chains were installed, but static still plagued our customers. We began using the StatiCable in 2013, and now have hundreds in use, with positive results. Our dealership installs the cables with every Green Light Inspection and new combine, and there has been no smoldering or fires on any of those combines to our knowledge. We don’t let a combine go out without the StatiCable system installed.”

    — Pattison Agriculture Ltd. Swift Current, SK

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