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Mitigate risk of fires this harvest by reducing static electricity on your combine harvester with the StatiCable Grounding System.


All stainless steel construction including hanger, mounting hardware, and one StatiCable

Shipping & Returns

We are currently only shipping to Canada & the United States. Contact us for shipping to other countries.

If it is determined by the manufacturer that the cable system is defective due to improper materials or workmanship, the StatiCable will be replaced.

Note From Manufacturer


Recommended mounting location is nearest to the centre between the wheels (photo 2) and/or the rear frame of harvester header (photo 3). Mounting location must allow cable to move freely and ensure the swinging cable will not be pinched by moving parts or wheels as they steer.

Installation Instructions

Mounting Prep Photo


Cables must be lifted before transport to prevent undue wear.